Egypt’s Beleaguered Tourism Industry Bounces Back

GIZA, Egypt — In front of the Giza Plateau’s Great Pyramids and Sphinx, tourists ride colorfully decorated camels or horses led by Egyptian boys.
Tour buses lumber by on a dusty road lined with souvenir shops selling gold and silver cartouches, painted papyrus, and statuettes of ancient Egyptian gods, goddesses and rulers.
The [...]

Philippines Department of Tourism announces New European Digital Campaign

THE Philippines Department of Tourism (PDOT) announces today a new campaign to further promote the Philippines through digital and social media platforms.  The campaign, which will be launched by the GTI (Global Tourism Interface) Network—a group of marketers from around the world—across France, Italy, Spain and the UK, will aim for [...]

Online Travel Dominates Tourism Market In India

Smartphones have tangibly changed the way world operated before their arrival. Earlier, when the market operated through Internet connection on personal computers, things were a tad bit slow since that category came from a different class altogether. But today, things are available at a cursory glance, and literally at fingertips. All the best things are [...]

The Hunger Games causes tourism boom in Georgia as fans flock to visit real-life District 12

Movie buffs are heading to Georgia in their droves to follow in the footsteps of their big screen heroes.
With a huge influx of film and television series being made in the U.S. state over the past few years thanks to a lucrative tax credit, a screen tourism boom has followed.
Blockbusters made in Atlanta and the [...]

New visa rules expected to boost U.S.-China tourism, investment

A policy change that will enable U.S. and Chinese citizens to visit each other’s countries repeatedly for a decade — 10 times the length of a current visa — is expected to spur more of the tourism and investments from China that have mushroomed in recent years.
The change, announced by President Obama in a visit [...]

Abu Dhabi and Dubai share rosy future in tourism

In the cavernous main hall of London’s ExCel conference centre, the stands of Abu Dhabi and Dubai dominate the World Travel Market’s Middle East section.
It is a fitting reflection of travel in the region in 2014, with both emirates enjoying a surge in numbers as so many of their neighbours languish in the face of [...]