Embracing Domestic Tourism in Africa

For a long time, Africans have perceived traveling as non essential especially within the continent thus only reserved for the high net-worth persons. Attributed mostly to their supposedly low spending power, Africans are said to believe that money should be spent on ‘more important priorities’ which exclude traveling (in this case considered as leisure). Therefore, […]

The hostel grows up: ‘Poshtels’ make their way to USA

For many people, the word hostel evokes images of grungy backpackers, uncomfortable beds, shared bathrooms and snack machines. But that’s a hostel for another era. These days, hostels are more like boutique hotels at a bargain price. The upscale hostel trend was born in Europe. To attract younger travelers, hoteliers started outfitting hostels with bars, coffee […]

Marriott Receives Antitrust Clearance from the European Union to Acquire Starwood

Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) and Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide (NYSE: HOT) today announced they have received unconditional clearance from the European Union for Marriott to acquire Starwood in a merger transaction. In announcing the decision in a press release issued by the European Commission, the Commissioner for Competition, Margaret Vestager, said, “This is […]

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel As You Know It Is Over

KEYSTONE-FRANCE VIA GETTY IMAGES, The Waldorf Astoria, still under construction. As the saying goes: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” New York City’s landmark Waldorf Astoria hotel will close for up to three years while most of its rooms are gutted and turned into luxury apartments, according to The Wall Street Journal. Once […]

Swiss International enters the Kingdom of Bahrain with the signing of the Swiss International Palace Hotel

The well-known Palace hotel, located in the Gudaibiya area of Manama will be rebranded to receive its guests as the Swiss International Palace hotel, effective July 1, 2016. The Palace hotel (formerly known as the Ramada Palace hotel) concluded a franchise agreement with Swiss International, with effect from July 1, 2016. The signing took place […]

Dubai Tourism – Statistics And Trends [Infographic]

Holding some of the biggest modern manmade marvels, Dubai is one city that can’t be missed to visit. It homes 7 of the 10 tallest hotels in world and the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The Building is so tall that people on the top floors have to wait a while longer than those on […]

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  • 5 ways to keep customers coming back

    Unless you still operate from one of those quaint, last-decade entities called a ‘shop,’ your customers are online and on the move. Your relationship with them is essentially an impersonal one. No real people dealing with real people and exchanging such real things as smiles and handshakes. No face-to-face opportunities to show them what lovely […]

  • Four Seasons Private Jet Makes Dubai Debut

    Dubai, UAE — Celebrating its maiden flight to the GCC region, the Four Seasons Private Jet touched down in Dubai for the first time yesterday evening at DC Aviation Al-Futtaim VVIP FBO and hangar facility at Dubai World Central. The inaugural arrival of the hospitality industry’s first fully branded private jet in Dubai comes as part […]

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  • How to Jumpstart Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings through Multichannel Campaigns

    Multichannel campaigns are one of the most effective ways to boost direct bookings, build one-to-one relationships with current and future guests, and ultimately, encourage repeat guests throughout the customer lifecycle. According to Google, the travel planning journey is influenced by over 19 different touchpoints. While we have big-picture insight and data points that reveal the […]

  • How to Use Reputation Management to Influence Hotel CapEx

    Hotels have a lot of options when it comes to allocating capital expenditure, or CapEx, budgets each year and without proper data and research, it’s nearly impossible to choose the most impactful improvements that will maximize return on investment. Hotels that take the time to analyze their existing data, i.e. guest reviews, have the the […]

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  • The New Norm in Global HR Competencies

    PAST: The competency profile of professionals in Human Resources (HR) roles has always been a moving target, consider the various names the function has taken over the decades – staffing, personnel, human resources, and more recently, more creative monikers like ‘people and culture’ to ‘human capital managers’ and ‘talent resources’. These changing names typically reflect […]

  • Hostel market in America: Potential for growth

    What is a Hostel? Hostels offer low-priced accommodations with a unique social component, guests rent a bed rather than a room, sharing the space with up to five other guests, some hostels include private bathrooms and kitchens in every room, though most hostels have a common bathroom area with no kitchen facilities. More than 4,500 […]

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  • Service needs to be on par with food, ambiance

    by in Rock Your Restaurant 18 Oct 2016 I’ve always believed the three most important attributes of any successful restaurant are food, service and ambiance. You naturally expect in any restaurant that the food will be good and that the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, appropriate to the menu and concept. Many in the business […]

  • The Debate on the Future of Tipping Rages On

    The Future of Tipping Posted by Maya Seaman In a quickly changing labor market, the old models of employee compensation are feeling outdated. With rising rents, changes in health care costs, and legislators across the country raising the minimum wage, many employers are re-examining how to pay their staff equitable wages – especially cooks. One […]

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