Singapore Airlines Partners STB for Tourism Promotion

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has penned a new international, multi-million-dollar tourism partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).
Under the terms of the new deal, SIA and STB will embark on a global marketing campaign focused on attracting both leisure and business travellers to Singapore, plus the lucrative cruise market.
The two companies will invest a total of [...]

Chinese Tourism to Singapore Down 31 Percent

China’s first ever tourism law, which came into effect in October 2013, did more than simply regulate an industry with more than 2.3 trillion yuan ($376bn). It came down hard on the opportunistic tour operators who would sell cheap “shopping tours”.
According to an article in The Straits Times, an English-language daily newspaper in Singapore, this [...]

Backlash Over Hong Kong’s Treatment of Mainland Visitors

The tensions between Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese visitors are bubbling up yet again — with a video showing a confrontation involving a mainland family whose child was videotaped urinating on a busy street.
But this time, the video has stirred a backlash from mainland Chinese angered by the treatment of the well-dressed young couple, [...]

Plateauing of Mainland China Visitor Numbers Hits Hong Kong Hotels

Last year’s double-digit percentage growth in the number of mainland tourists had a limited impact on the hospitality industry. However, the decrease in their numbers this year poses a challenge to the business, hoteliers said.
“There is a very sad misunderstanding that the hotel business is booming and the city is facing a shortage of hotels [...]

Government Urged to Consider Impact of Surging Tourism on Hong Kong

The number of shops selling cosmetics and personal-care products in Hong Kong has surged by 1,500 per cent in the 10 years mainlanders have been allowed to visit without joining tours, Legislative Council research shows.
A report on the study, which examined the impact of the individual visit scheme, also urges the government to consider the [...]

Japan Tourism Agency to Study Tweets

The Japan Tourism Agency has announced intentions to scour the popular microblogging site Twitter for positive or negative mentions of the country’s many tourist attractions.
As part of a strategy designed to help the tourist agency ensure the readiness of the industry for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics, reviews posted on social media websites of various [...]