Photography, Mobile Technology and Social Media Combine to Increase Brand Awareness, Generate Revenues

Knee-deep in budget season for 2015, hoteliers and meeting planners alike are looking for that special “something” to add differentiation and personalization to their venue offerings and event packages that will result in a quick return on investment and increased loyalty. RoamingAround, hospitality’s mobile engagement experts, has developed a unique solution that combines mobile technology, photography and social media to engage hotel guests and event patrons on a personal level. Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround delivers event pictures wrapped by a custom-designed picture frame to attendees’ cellphones via SMS to showcase branding and jump-start customer engagement. With one click, digital photos — which can highlight the hotel, an association, corporation or the event itself — can then be shared via social media, taking the event branding viral.

“One of the best ways to heighten customer engagement is to get hotel guests or event goers actively involved in marketing your hotel or special occasion,” said Michael Garvin, RoamingAround President. “Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround is a fast and fun way to put social media to work for you by promoting a property or event through the sharing of digitally-branded pictures. But the ‘picture-taking’ is just the first step in the customer-engagement process. Once armed with each guest’s mobile credentials, Mobile Photo Share can be used to deliver surveys, send single incentives and multi-redemption mobile offers, and even capture digitally signed photo release waivers in real-time. It can also drive traffic to onsite outlets. For example, a text message can be sent offering a bottle of wine ‘on the house’ when one is purchased from the hotel’s wine shop; or, a coupon for a complementary spa treatment can be offered if the guest participates in a quick mobile survey. Mobile Photo Share software provides analytics to determine campaign effectiveness and tracks event exposure by recording the number of photos shared.”

Photography, Mobile Technology and Social Media Combine to Increase Brand Awareness, Generate Revenues

Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround enables hoteliers and event planner to:

  • Build a presence and promote their brand by marketing the company, its products and services
  • Use imagery to take a social media campaign viral
  • Connect with customers on a new, personal level
  • Capture information and opt-ins for engaging with customers continuously to cultivate loyalty
  • Generate revenue and drive traffic to in-house outlets (retail, spa, food, shows, casino) by offering coupons and offers through the MPS platform
  • Get involved in Cause Marketing

“Cause marketing is a great way to incentivize attendees to share their photos on social media to raise money for a specific organization’s cause,” said Sarah Smith, RoamingAround Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Event planners can offer a ‘Money Raised’ thermometer viewable for all to see the total donation dollars increasing on a live streaming monitor as they share their photo.”

Distinguish Events by Distinguishing Guests

When event planners engage their guests with Mobile Photo Share, they are creating fun, interactive and memorable occasions that drive customer loyalty and strengthen the brand. From corporate events, holiday parties, tradeshows and conventions to weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sporting events and political campaigns, Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround is the ideal tool to collect guest data and directly market to a qualified audience.

Photography, Mobile Technology and Social Media Combine to Increase Brand Awareness, Generate Revenues

“RoamingAround’s professional photographers or ‘Brand Ambassadors’ will take celebrity-style photos that will make attendees feel like they are gracing the Red Carpet,” Smith said. “Our team is trained to create an enchanting atmosphere by making event attendees feel like they are being honored and celebrated. On the back end, our in-house graphic designers will create custom photo frames that captures the distinctive essence of each event and its individualized brand. Attendees pose, preen and smile for our photographers, and then receive their photos in a flash on their mobile devices. Then those images can be shared on a variety of social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, or via live social feeds, such as trending #hashtags or following @brands. This takes the event and its branding to an entire new audience which can turn into potential new customers.”


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