Deprivation of Human Resources in the Organization: A Call for HR Consultants

Companies(established & start-ups) around the US do not have Human Resources, and compliance with mandated labor laws are being are ignoredORLANDO, FLORIDA, US, May 15, 2019 / — 76% of businesses within our beautiful nation outsource Human Resource services,which encompasses start-up companies and established companies with a revenue of over 1 billion dollars. This trend is all encompassing as it relates to the fact that the human resource professional could now expand on it’s prolific ideas on federally mandated compliance throughout the industry. 

Reasons: spending less per year on salaries. First off, A human resource professional can make anywhere between 75k to 140k and still not have enough time in the day to accomplish the major projects that need to be done (eg. re-writing or creating new handbooks, vamping up employee recognition programs, and even being able to thoroughly and without bias investigate an issue or problem happening in an organization).

Secondly, without a doubt with the now federally mandated need for organizations to provide health insurance at rates that are astronomical, sometimes losing a candidate to fill a position because they cannot offer inexpensive and comprehensive coverage. Ideally, comes off the table as consultants are left up to their own accord to get their own. Which I find is a great aspect as now it leaves us HR consultants to be able to shop around.

Lastly, compliance issues become null and void. Human resource professionals are in essence partly responsible now for the legal aspects of organizational operations. If you so wish you can pay an employment lawyer $400 – $700 per hour to receive a question from you and then tell you they will have to get back to you. Virtually leaving them time to google the information.  

I am certainly not trying to be facetious nor snappy. I only say this because employment lawyers do not make the majority of their revenue through employment specialization, they are excellent at the law and defenses and the court room. A human resource professional is trained on the nuances of all things HR, at Aries HR we are up to date on all the new employment laws that are unfolding every day in every state. 

Aries HR offers two options: Intermittent OnCall HR and provides real-time responses to ensure compliance and support to your organization, and you are never charged if you do not use the service. 

•Addressing compliance needs regarding required filings that may include unemployment claims 
• Workers’ compensation claims, state/federal documentation, etc. 
• Assistance during peak workloads and coverage during extended absences or vacancies 
• Behavioral & skill based competency development 
• Benefits oversight & strategy • Compensation strategy & alignment 
• Creation of full employee life-cycle processes (i.e. onboarding, performance, engagement, terming) 
• Employee engagement, relations, and innovation 
• Executive & career coaching 
• Management Coaching and follow-up to ensure use of leadership skills 
• Handbooks & policy assistance 
• HR application support and analysis 
• Investigations with action plans to address each situation 
• Labor & employment law interpretation 
• Performance & talent management 
• Tailored workshops and team building 
• Thought leadership & strategic planning 
• Workforce planning, reduction-in-force & terming employees 
• Other support & troubleshooting as needed 

It is the goals of Aries HR to create effective HR and operations for the organization with a focus on consistency, reduction of risk, and best practices across the organization. 

There is another OnCall HR service in the form of a monthly membership (usually start-up companies benefit from this) and get companies to the next level.

Aries HR OnCall HR Membership Includes:

• Unlimited phone and digital access to Human Resource experts with unlimited availability M- F.
• Aries HR University library (Learning Management System) of 350+ expert developed training documents – see attachment with listings. 
• Compliance with Aries HR’s user-friendly digital platform which includes 50 state Handbook builder, Job Descriptions and classification tools, templates, white papers, checklists, policies, forms and calendars. 
• Subscription to Aries HR newsletter which shares breaking employment news updates, and the latest compliance and legislative changes. 
• Monthly check-in with your dedicated Member Manager, including one (1) hour of Aries HR consulting each month.


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