Foreign tourism operators drawn to Istanbul

Promotion and accommodation activity for tourism operators from all over the world saw a record high in May under the cooperation of the Hotel Association of Turkey (TÜROB) and Turkish Airlines (THY).

According to a statement released by the TÜROB, a significant promotional campaign is being carried out by the two institutions. During the first two weeks of May, more than 500 tour operators and travel agency managers from 32 destinations were hosted in Istanbul by TÜROB member hotels.

In addition to the promotion of all the touristic features of Istanbul, Istanbul Airport also stood out as one of the highlights of the event.

The delegations were informed about the new airport and Istanbul’s tourism products, while high-level managers of foreign tour operators and travel agencies showed great interest in Istanbul Airport. FAM Trips, which stand for “familiarization trips,” and target city centers and hotels coordination, hosted participants from Hamburg, Lagos, Naples, Washington, Abidjan, Birmingham, Abuja, Uganda, Odessa, Kiev, Dublin, Riga, Sarajevo, Tbilisi, Sofia, London, Pristina, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Manchester, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Minsk, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Budapest, Brussels, and Luxembourg over 15 days.

TÜROB Chairman Müberra Eresin pointed out that Ramadan was a slow period, especially in Istanbul, in terms of the tourism sector, adding that they made a subtle attempt with THY to turn this period into an advantage.

Eresin stressed they are trying to create as much market diversity as possible in the above-mentioned destinations. “We believe we have made a notable contribution to the promotion of our country and our city by using this period of slowdown efficiently. We sincerely thank all our members who have supported us in this large-volume project,” Eresin noted.

Müberra Eresin said TÜROB will continue its promotional activities year-round. “This promotional traffic has recently accelerated,” Eresin continued. “In addition to our initiatives, there is also a notable rise in the interest of foreign tourists in Istanbul as we have observed in recent organizations. Participants’ interest in Istanbul Airport is also considerably high.”


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